Fascinated by internet search.

I am Chris Jones and my main activity is controlling and developing the promotional products website CrazyDavePromo.com in a way that allows Google to recognise that visitors love it. We also have a Euro denominated site Custom Logo Tech.

I used to analyse and give advice on the search engine performance of websites for businesses and I managed Google Ads accounts too.

It is a satisfying paradox that since I am busy with the Crazy Dave website I have no interest in, or need for my own website to be found on search engines.

I have taken lots of piccies in recent years and have begun to add them to a new website cjsofy.com licenced to anyone under the Creative Commons scheme. Just for fun mostly. There’s not much point them lurking unseen on my computer.

My background

After graduating in electronics engineering I aquired an unsought reputation for my digital circuit designs to be fast and some friends called me the TTL kid after the Transistor Transistor Logic chip technology.

I spent many years in database application programming as a consultant analyst programmer in telecoms, banking and commercial business. Now I concentrate on one database called Google Search and I enjoy seeing my affect on its data.

I don’t design websites, I help them

When I was a boy I admired a BMW ad in a magazine that used the word ergonomics. It’s been a bit of an obsession ever since.

I look at web design as being made up of two main elements: visual design and functional design. Visual looks good and functional provides the user experience (UX).

Some techies aspire be web designers but, like me, are deficient in visual design skills and the result can be unappealing and that can lead to visitor mistrust and poor user engagement and search engines can pick up on that.

On the other hand talented visual designers can produce beautiful websites that are often inherently poor at giving Google the information it needs. Looks fab but it doesn’t reach the customers. Its sweetness wasted on the desert air.

I’m hopeless at visual design (but of course I know what I like!) but I know a thing or two about functional design and the user experience. That is the technical aspect and some of the “psychological” stuff that makes visitors stick around and send the right signals to Google. A good technical design will provide fitness for purpose.

More about the crazydavepromo website.

Google has a tool called PageSpeed Insights that tells you how slow or fast it thinks your website is. Click that link and try it for your own website.

Pagespeed Insights for crazydavepromo.com

Crazydavepromo.com has the maximum score of 100 for mobile as well as desktop so although there will other websites with the same score Google is effectively saying that there is no website faster than crazydavepromo.com. So the TTL kid rides again. Website speed is a key factor in providing a good UX and Google says that in 2021 it will become one of its many ranking factors.

Serve the user. Nanu Nanu.